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Elite Personal Search Reviews

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  • Found love!

    Thank you for all of your hard work! Jamie Rose started on my search in feb of 2011 and I am now engaged! She was very honest with me and told me what she felt about why I was still single. She even told me to read a book "Why you are still single" which really helped me. I found I was attracting the wrong type of man and I and no idea what I was doing. I even tried to take control of how she works as a Matchmaker and she brought up the fact that I'm a control freak. I am in my job and life in general. I was actually pushing the right men away and had no idea I was doing... More...
    cristina3737's Picture   cristina3737    0 Comments   Comments
  • Glad I did it

    I had a great time meeting my Matchmaker Jamie Rose. She guided me through the whole process and here I am in a relationship with the right woman. I thought I knew what I was doing but after hearing from Jamie after the dates I knew that dating was not like it used to be. I took Jamie 5 matches to find me the right fit. It also took her giving me a lot of feedback and critique. It seemed to me that women were very critical on me but Jamie explained that I had some homework to do. I was making some first date mistakes that I was unaware of. I appreciated the constructive criticism and... More...
    markbyron's Picture   markbyron    0 Comments   Comments
  • I found the barbie for my dream house

    Hi Jen, Things are growing between myself and my match. We talk every day and are already making plans for the future. She surprised me with a whale watching trip yesterday, and we are going to a wonderful concert in Santa Barbara this coming weekend. She's very funny and considerate. I love the way she makes me feel and I want to take care of her too. I am very happy that you matched me with her since we have so much in common and we get along great. We plan on spending a lot of time together which I will keep you in the loop on but so far I am really... More...
    leah24's Picture   leah24    1 Comments   Comments
  • Happy Camper

    I wanted to share my experience thus far with Elite because they get a bad rap and they work so hard for their members. Of course, I can only speak for myself, but I have had nothing but a positive experience with the service. I want to start off by saying that that it's very refreshing knowing that there are wonderful, single men still out there! I had no idea! Summer, my matchmaker, reassured me of this, and boy was she right. I had been on 3 dates total before I met Carl. He is so much fun, and just a genuine, warm, caring person. We have been dating for 6 months now, and we see... More...
    Carolkay's Picture   Carolkay    0 Comments   Comments
  • Hardworking Company

    I have never seen any matchmaking service work this hard for their customers. I've been in and out of the dating scene for at least ten years now. I've had my share of meeting different women and have been a customer with 5 different dating services. With all my experiences, I have to say that Elite does the best job. They also have a totally different approach which I think is the most effective and unique. The price you pay is high but the results make it worth every dollar. After they introduced me to Martha (my present wife) I feel that the least I can do to show my... More...
    jackhunter's Picture   jackhunter    0 Comments   Comments
  • Elite Personal Search

    I was very happy with the matchmaking process with Elite. The matchmaking team was great and very receptive to my needs. I didn't like the fact that my matches were about 4 weeks apart from each other, but I can honestly say that they know what they are doing because they successfully matched me by my 4th match. Verenia, Ingred, Melissa and Jen were my matchmakers and they were great through the process. Sometimes they were a little tough on me because I wasn't sure about some of my matches, but after I reluctantly agreed to meet who they presented me, I was always able to see... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Sharon765's Picture   Sharon765    3 Comments   Comments
  • Elite the best success story

    I can’t imagine anyone having a bad experience with this company. Some of my close friends have seen this company’s success. I myself have one of the greatest stories in dating companies. Every person I speak to has nothing but great, positive things to say about them. my story is....... After my divorce three years ago, I wasn’t at all quick to get married again and was very unhappy. I tried to forget about it and move on but I was still lonely. For two years I was just trying to get back to my single life in the most mature painless way. I got over it... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Sarah579's Picture   Sarah579    1 Comments   Comments
  • No Complaints or Bad Reviews on Elite Personal Search

    For a long time, I was interested in possibly signing up with Elite Personal Search. I did research for a long time and spoke to many people who knew first hand exactly how they work. After hearing nothing but positive reviews, I decided to check Elite Personal Search out. One day I walk into the Elite Personal Search office they have set up in Boston. I told them that I was interested in becoming a member. I asked all the necessary questions and got all the info. The next day I came back and met with Suzanne. I liked her from the start. She was very friendly and even offered me a... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Lillian's Picture   Lillian    1 Comments   Comments
  • Elite customer service

    It all started in May 2006 when I divorced my wife. After the divorce I was a mess and was searching for someone to be there with me in life. I met my ex-wife at Stanford and we were married for 11 years, so I was very used to having a woman of a certain calibre. She was a Lawyer and made a significant income that matched mine as a CPA. Not only does the money and salary factor in in terms of a loss of lifestyle, but also after the divorce I would go out with friends and try to meet woman and found that the majority were very uneducated and mundane to me. my Ex-Wife was a brilliant... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Sparknes's Picture   Sparknes    6 Comments   Comments
  • Elite Personal Search

    Interestingly, it was proven in my mind that the matchmakers are good for nothing and I won’t get my partner through them. When a friend suggested Elite Personal Search, I was not ready to take the plunge. She insisted and after much cajoling I gave in. I visited their office at San Francisco and was happy to be lead into a personal discussion with a matchmaker especially for me! I think this made the real difference. In other dating websites and companies, this personal touch was missing and when you did not get matched to the right person time and again, the level of frustration... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    Jaggerdate's Picture   Jaggerdate    5 Comments   Comments


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