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Elite Personal Search Complaint - In July 2006, I went into the...
Elite Personal Search Complaint

Elite Personal Search Complaint


In July 2006, I went into the...

In July 2006, I went into the offices of Elite Personal Search and had a 3 hour 'interview' with Devan. At that time, I wasn't sure if the service was right for me. I explained to Devan that I felt it would difficult to find a match for me among the members of Elite Personal Search/Debra Winkler. Although I am a professional career woman, Devan assured me that I would 'easy to match', even though I have tattoos and dreadlocks (I work in a creative field, and wanted to meet someone who was a professional, but also 'eclectic') . She explained, 'we have all kinds of people as members. We have artists and musicians, even performers from Cirque De Soleil.'

I was hesitant about joining, when she assured me that if they did not have someone appropriate for me, that Elite Personal Search/Debra Winkler will go outside of its membership and 'troll the community' for a good match. She explained that she had met HER husband through Elite, and that once she started working there, she was able to fix up 2 of her girlfriends with men who were NOT members, but that she had met outside of work and thought they would be good matches. She told me that one of them was now married to the man Devan had fixed her up with. I do not feel that I would have been comfortable paying the extraordinary amount of money membership cost if I had not been reassured that they would go outside of the membership to find a match for me.

Devan and I discussed the type of man who would be a good match for me. We set up a long list of parameters, which she assured me DID exist in many of their members. (the main thing we agreed I needed was someone who was 'hip' and up on modern technology, as I am a bit of a computer geek). When she told me that my $5000 fee would get me 8 matches in the next year, I was wary. I told her that I didn't feel like 8 was very many matches. At that point she said, 'But we will be doing all the research for you. By the time you meet a match, they will have all of the qualifications you are looking for. The only thing missing will be chemistry, and you WILL have chemistry with at least one of 8 men who exactly the type of match you are looking for.' She noted that Elite also checks criminal records and paycheck stubs to make sure that members DO in fact make the amount of money they claim (although they never asked for any of that from me). Additionally, Devan assured me that she would work closely with the matchmaker and that the matchmaker would also work very closely with me by calling me frequently to discuss various matches. All of the above made me feel safe and comfortable and confident that Elite could help me find a match.

I was unable to join in July, so I had to put it off until December 2006. I did join in December of 2006. At that time, Elite set up a second interview with Jen Turner. Jen also said that she thought I would be easy to match and that the qualities, and other parameters I was looking for would not be difficult to find. She also assured me that Elite would go outside of their membership to find a match for me.

Since that time, I have had NO matches that 'have all the qualifications I am looking for'. Additionally, I have not met any men from outside of the membership. In fact, most of the matches I have been sent, were not at all the type of men that I would be interested in. Many of the matches have been misrepresented by Elite. For example, I was sent a potential match who 'had his own business building zen gardens', he was actually a gardener for the public park systems! I was sent a potential match who worked as a 'holistic therapist', he turned out to be a massage therapist! I was VERY specific about the type of person I wanted to meet, as well as what type of job they should have (professional, like me!), how far I'd be willing to travel (I live within 10 miles of literally millions of people, yet they sent me matches that lived 50 miles away?!), and the fact that he should work at a standard job where he would normally have nights and weekends free (the massage therapist worked BOTH nights AND weekends!). Neither Jen or Devan or anyone from the Elite office have ever 'worked closely' with me to find a match. In fact, I often don't hear anything for weeks and weeks, unless I email THEM.

I now feel that I was misled. It has been over 9 months since I joined and not ONE good match has been introduced to me. I sent a certified letter to Elite with all of the above information and demanded my fee be returned. I filed a complaint with the BBB (they have over 20 complaints and have earned an 'F' rating), but Elite did not respond to either me or the BBB. I feel that it is appropriate for Elite Personal Search/Debra Winkler to return my $5000 fee.

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jcc1234 says: (6 years ago)
to sono and Sarah, I don't think you get the point of what the poster is saying. If Elite felt that they could not have matched her then they should not have assured her that they would, point blank! i believe the orignial poster knows that she is outside of the norm and thats why she decided to pay good money to a matchmaking service.

inca431 says: (7 years ago)
It is now 2010... I am the woman who originally wrote the complaint, and I have not changed my mind, despite Elite's attempt to "match" me. I posted a lot of complaints on the internet, in fact, I must have posted enough complaints, that a year after my letter to them, they finally decided to contact me. In 2008 I met with the new manager of the office in Beverly Hills, Kristina. She suggested that I give them another chance. She said that when I joined the business was expanding rapidly and that had caused some problems, but things were better. She assured me that she personally would take care of me. She "suggested" that I not post more complaints on the internet and that they would give me a lifetime free membership.... I figured I had nothing to lose. In fact, I told Kristina that if I was satisfied with the service and matches, I could actually bring them some new business since I have quite a few single friends. (you would think that would make them WANT to find a good match for me).

In the past 2 years, I have met about 1 match every 3-4 months. I did date one man for about 6 weeks, but the rest of the matches were not appropriate for me. I am not suggesting that I am a typical woman, nor did I want to meet a "typical" kind of guy. That was my reason for using Elite. When I was told that they would "go outside of their membership" to find someone just right for ME! I was sold.

Kristina did send me a nice thank-you note for meeting with her, but then I never heard from her again. I was turned over to my previous matchmaker, Jen. Jen is very nice, and I'm sure she is doing her job as well as she can, but the reality is, they simply can't, don't or won't search outside the data base for someone right for me.

In conclusion, I still believe this is a scam, I would never recommend Elite to anyone.

uwishucould says: (8 years ago)
contact me....it's class action time. They are very unprofessional and this time they will not get away with it. If you know anyone else with the same problem get an email address. It's time this all stopped.

Sarah579 says: (8 years ago)
What do you expect. You have tattoos and dreadlocks. I'm not insulting you but you do have to understand that most people out there don't want their spouse to look like that. I aggree with 'sono'. You are picky. I found my husband with this service and I'm not alone. Just be more positive in life. You'll get farther much quicker.

sono says: (9 years ago)
It sounds like you are extremely picky. I know from personal experience that they offered me very relevant matches. If you have an ego inflated self image then no match is going to work for you. For myself and hundreds of other people, I can say that they give it a very fair effort to pair matching people together.

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